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What Do You Expect of Recovery? – Episode #035

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Freedom Story from Lorena – Episode #034

Lorena spent most of her life feeling like she was drowning. Drowning herself by her own hand. Waking up in the morning and feeling positive and then binge eating that night and pushing away the people that she loved most. After years of dieting and weight gain, she decided she had to fix this all the way.
Now she is glowing with confidence, doing things she never would have had the bravery to do in the past, and truly trusting herself. And that’s all in addition to not binging anymore and eating with peace.
Lorena shares her story and her tips with you as we celebrate her journey.

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Freedom Story from Kelly – Episode #033

Driving past all the fast food places was dangerous…I just go home now.
Kelly started hiding food when she was 15 years old. Hiding and binging and feeling more and more shame.
She has spent 45 years of her life with an eating disorder. Constantly trying to fix herself and feeling more like a failure every time something else didn’t end the problem.
Now she is free. She is throwing away stale brownies. forgetting about chocolate, eating the most forbidden foods and not losing control.
Finally she gets to enjoy that nothing is wrong with her and finally take her life off of pause.
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Blogging with an Eating Disorder [#6]: What Didn’t Work – Episode #032

In part 6 I show you what I tried that DIDN’T work. I knew I was sick, but didn’t know with what yet. Eating disorder hadn’t crossed my mind. At first I thought I was a food addict. My first tries at being “sober” with food.

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