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Dr. Amy Johnson Interview – Episode #003

Dr. Amy Johnson, the author of “The Little Book of Big Change” shares some incredible insight. A binge eater for 8 years herself who was over her habit shortly after using these simple principles.
Amy shares her battle with binging, thoughts about thought, food addiction perspectives, and why we should stop trying so hard.

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9 Recovery Myths with Kathryn Hansen Author of Brain Over Binge – Episode #002

Discussion with Kathryn Hansen Author of Brain Over Binge and the Brain Over Binge Recovery guide.

Together we debunk 9 recovery myths:

1. The Tamed House Pet & the Butterfly Tale 2. I have to avoid Triggers to recover 3. I must accept I am a food addict 4. I binge to Cope 5. I just need the right Meal Plan or Diet 6. I need to know why I started binging 7. I will lose weight if I recover 8. I need to fix my body image issues to recover 9. Recovery doesn’t work for some people

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