Recovery Story: Kristin – Episode #041

“I’m not alone and I can be fixed” – This is what Kristin realized after 31 years of binge eating and bulimia. She always felt different. She just didn’t want to be her. She felt like damaged good because of abuse that had happened when she was 5. And then every thing she tried and failed made her self confidence plummet deeper. If she went off her diet at all, it was like a runaway train with binging. So confused because she could control other things in life and was so successful.

Now she is free. She loves who she is, how she looks and that she gets to do what she wants. Food is not a big deal. The fear is gone. She didn’t realize how it would impact her confidence and self worth as a side effect of gaining food freedom. Now she knows she isn’t broken, and never was.

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